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CISMe  is now available to companies, public bodies and nonprofit world, with a set of integrated services useful to identify and use the effectively opportunities  from regional, national and EU funds.

The technical assistance area of CISMe follow up clients in different and complex phases of design, from the identification of calls for proposal, targeted to specific needs, formulation of projects and / or intervention plans using the most advanced techniques and tools as SWOT analysis, logical framework, GOOP methodology , Project Cycle Management.

Who starts the design at any level, is thus faced with three very significant barriers to entry:

  • Funding information about outgoing calls and regulatory framework;
  • development and implementation of a project idea;
  • partner search.

Our services:


Complete and detailed information on calls, Info-days, events and initiatives on different  areas, at regional, national and European level.

Customized information

information and insights in the areas of interest specifically indicated.

Targeted advice

identifying strengths, weaknesses and costs / benefits in contract participation, access analysis, participation requirement.

Marketing planning

preliminary support for definition, design, construction and development of the partnership with  the abstract of the project.


context analysis, partnership identification, final draft of the proposed idea, Logframe, co-financing finding support , fulfill the form and financial statement, monitoring of the project proposal. Update through information and news, in a precise and timely funding of all possible local, national and European development of entrepreneurial activities.