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Cisme is a company, present in Calabria since 1980, which it operates in the advanced tertiary services sector…

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Youth in Europe

“Youth in Action 2007-2013”

CISMe promotes non-formal education, intercultural learning, solidarity and international mobility of young people by offering them opportunities for mobility and active participation. Read more »

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6 Intervention Fields

Cisme designs, plans and develops programs and measures aimed at promoting and improving the quality of services and opportunities offered by the territory, in the field of active policies for employment and local development.

Euro project planning

Euro Project Planning is the term for "the preparation of projects in response to calls for proposals by the Community institutions".

Youth Portal

Section is updated daily with all the news of competitions, announcements, master and job opportunities for young people.

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11th Orientation meeting

Cisme organizes the "Orientation meeting", national exhibition now in its eleventh year of work, education, universities, learning and mobility.

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Intervention fields


Guidance services

Cisme offers guidance services to offer you effectively in the workplace. Guidance services are managed and conducted by industry experts. The first meeting of each path is free.

Curriculum Vitae Europass

The curriculum is an essential tool to give the right visibility to their skills, draw up a CV in an appropriate and clear is the first step to having the chances in the job search. Cisme offers you individual guided tours or support group in the drafting and preparation of the Europass portfolio consists of a personal, coordinated portfolio of documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae Europass
  • Europass Language Passport
  • Europass Mobility
  • Europass Certified Supplement
  • Europass Certificate Supplement

Selection interview

Being very important and often decisive for those job search, the paths Cisme offers they are group and are intended to help address the most of a selection interview, you will have the chance to experience a selection interview through the simulated and draw a letter and self-nomination.

Guidance counseling

It is aimed primarily at those who are going through a time of transition and feel overwhelmed by the anxiety of having to choose quickly and well, the routes that Cisme offers you are individual and managed by a guidance expert with decades of experience.


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